Job shadowing in Slovenia

Job shadowing is an on-the-job learning program that consists of visiting other countries to learn new aspects of work. This results in professional and leadership development. Job shadowing helps both parties to learn and exchange ideas. It helps to expand your network of contacts, explore opportunities, give/receive feedback and collaborate with different organizations.

Teacher’s job shadowing experience in Slovenia.

In March, Simo Experience organized Job-shadowing (Erasmus+ mobility) for two Lithuanian teachers in Maribor. Teacher Vaiva shared her experience;

Teachers during their Job Shadowing
Teachers during their Job shadowing

Erasmus+ mobility in Slovenia (between 28th of March and 1st of April 2022) for the Lithuanian team was absolutely efficient and well-organized by the receiving organization Simo Experience. The teachers from Lithuania benefited from the visit to Srednja Elektro-Računalniška Šola Maribor and acquired new competencies in the field related to the teaching staff and pupils. While visiting the school we familiarized ourselves with the structure of the Slovenian education system and understood how different disciplines are integrated into lessons. 

The Erasmus project coordinator from the school introduced how assignments are graded and we also learned about extra-curricular activities that the students take part in. They also presented how online and hybrid lessons were planned and carried out during the Covid-19 lockdown. The school IT teachers shared their teaching methods and presented the appropriate training and practice environment so the job-shadowing was greatly appreciated and useful.

We understood how various disciplines are integrated into lessons, how assignments are graded, what extra-curricular activities students and staff are actively taking part in, how online and hybrid lessons are planned and carried out, and what teaching methods are used (especially for IT lessons). 

Teachers during their Job shadowing
Teacher during her Job shadowing

Along with these activities, a lot of cultural activities were planned in the afternoons too, such as the tours of Ljubljana, Bled and Maribor where a tour to the oldest wine cellar, a trip to Maribor pyramid hill, a trip to the mountains and the skiing resort, a trip to the riverbank, a visit to the Maribor castle and other tours were organized in order to learn more about the Slovenian people lifestyle. We were also taken to different local places to taste national Slovenian dishes.

The host country project coordinators provided us with practical support and everyday assistance including clear contact information, hospitality, friendliness, respect and coordination from the beginning and right to the moment when we arrived back in Lithuania.