Maribor, Your next Erasmus destination

Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia located in the northeastern part on the banks of the River Drava and near the border with Austria. It’s a small but charming city with great history and many places to visit. Continue reading and discover why Maribor is the perfect next Erasmus destination for your Erasmus+ internship.

History of Maribor

Maribor has a long history and has witnessed many historical events.  

It was founded in the 12th century and soon became the most important town in Lower Styria (the historical province to which it belongs). Proof of the city’s antiquity is the cathedral built in the 12th century. 

It was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its population consisted of 80% Germans and 20% Slovenes. After the First World War it became a part of Yugoslavia. In 1941 the region was annexed by Nazi Germany. At the end of the war in 1945 a large part of the German population was evicted from the city which became a part of Yugoslavia until Slovenia’s independence in 1991.

Plague column of Maribor
Plague column of Maribor
Main square of Maribor

What to see in Maribor

Maribor is a charming city with many sights to see. The advantage of being a small city is that it makes it possible to visit all the sights quickly and efficiently. Below we will tell you which are the places that you should not miss when you visit Maribor.

  • The old vine house: One thing that has made Maribor famous is its more than 400-year-old vine. This vine appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world. Discover the history of this vine in this fantastic museum where you can also taste some of this wine for a very low price.
  • Maribor Cathedral: Discover this incredible gothic-style cathedral built in the 12th century. The cathedral contains a 57-meter bell tower that is worth seeing. The cathedral is located on Slomškov trg square, one of the most beautiful and charming squares in all of Maribor.
  • Franciscan Church: Another must-see is the Franciscan church in Maribor which is also a monastery and has a rich interior that you shouldn’t miss. Take a closer look at the paintings and sculptures that tell fascinating stories from the past.
  • Glavni Trg Square: The second-largest square in Maribor but without a doubt the one with the most history behind it. It is surrounded by the Maribor Town Hall with the plague column in the centre of the square. It is the perfect place to spend the afternoon watching the sunset, drinking coffee or visiting one of the many shops in the area. A square with great history and a charming atmosphere. 
  • Maribor City Park: If you need to relax and get away from the noise of the city this place is perfect for you. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the park where you can visit the aquarium and terrarium. Relax your mind by the lake and enjoy nature without leaving the city.

If you like the culture and art and you are looking for museums to visit, Maribor has many. All of them are interesting but you should not miss the ones that are written below:

  • Maribor regional museum: In the museum, you can learn a little more about archaeology, culture, history and everything that surrounds this magical city.
    In addition to this, the museum prepared different exhibitions on different dates. Check events here.
  • Maribor Art Gallery: It’s a museum of modern and contemporary art where you can find more than 7000 artworks by Slovenian artists. Learn more about the art of the country in this fantastic museum of Slovenian art.
Franciscan church of Maribor
One of Maribor’s bridges

If you are looking for sports activities to give the best of yourself, Maribor is the perfect city for you. It has a lot of activities that will make you enjoy the city.

  • Take a hike: Explore the numerous hiking trails in and around Maribor. Walk through the forests, near the lakes and waterfalls. If you want to take a slightly shorter walk to enjoy the views of the city you should go to Piramida or Kalvarija. In these two places, you will be able to observe Maribor in its entirety and you will be able to see the fantastic sunsets. If you are looking for longer hikes while being surrounded by nature, Pohorje is undoubtedly the ideal place to visit as you will be able to find numerous routes that are certainly worth exploring.
  • Water activities: The Drava River and its surroundings offer many opportunities for water activities to cool off on hot days. Try out the traditional raft ride, learn how to surf, compete in rowing or enjoy the view from a SUP board. Choose the activity that suits you best from the extensive “sports catalogue” that this city offers.
  • Cycling: If you like exploring with a bicycle we recommend that you rent one and drive around. Embark on the old vine route and discover all the corners of the city. If what you are looking for is a slightly more extreme activity you can try the different MTB downhill tracks on Pohorje. But be careful as some of them are only for the bravest.
  • Skiing in Pohorje: It’s the largest skiing centre in Slovenia. If you like skiing and snow activities then without a doubt this place is for you. During the ski season, thousands of athletes come to Pohorje to ski on its incredible slopes. In addition to practising this fantastic sport, you can also enjoy the wonderful views of Maribor. 

The women’s alpine skiing world cup is held in Pohorje. The Zlata Lisica FIS World Cup event is attended by 85 competitors from all over the world and it is held in January and February.

Erasmus student experience in Maribor

After living in Maribor for almost two months I can say that it is a city that never ceases to amaze me. You always find something new that fascinates and amazes you. For me, the fact that it is more or less small has many advantages compared to other cities. The entire city can be explored on foot and thanks to this the atmosphere is much more homely and personal than other cities. Maribor is a city that is definitely worth visiting and exploring because it has a lot to offer, especially to tourists. You will meet charming people and visit places worth seeing.