International students working in the company during their Erasmus mobility.

Erasmus internship in Slovenia

Erasmus is the best opportunity in a student’s life. Getting to know different cultures and people, improving languages and living unforgettable experiences that allow both personal and professional growth. Erasmus internship is an opportunity that students or school staff should not miss.

What is Erasmus+ mobility?

Erasmus is a program founded in 1987 by the European Commission to fund exchange programs. Thousands of students every year embark on the adventure of an international internship.

During the internship, students will live in the host country and meet students from all over the world. They will have an opportunity to meet other students from different countries, Slovenian culture, work habits and to get to know our lovely country. 

The duration of the program ranges from 3 to 12 months so students have enough time to adapt to the new country and feel comfortable during the mobility. In their free time, they can organize different activities and enjoy their Erasmus experience to the fullest. 

Benefits of the Erasmus+ internship

Participating in an Erasmus internship has a lot of benefits and advantages, not to mention the grant that the European Union provides to students so they can benefit from it. Some of the advantages are the following:

  • Improvement of English language: Erasmus’s experience allows students to improve foreign languages in order to become fluent. A large part of the Slovenian population has a high English level so communicating with local people will not be a problem.
  • Getting to know other cultures: By participating in an Erasmus program students will get to know the culture of the host country, and they will meet people with different nationalities that are doing their Erasmus mobility too. This will allow them to grow as a person and open their mind.
  • Upgrade students’ CV and their portfolio: Having international experience (Erasmus internship or Erasmus exchange at the educational institution) abroad is an added value for each student. They will upgrade their CV with international personal and professional skills that are highly valued by the companies.
  • There is no age limit: Students can apply for an Erasmus grant at any time regardless of their age as long as they meet the requirements of the different institutions. It’s never too late to upgrade education and it’s never too late to live the international experience.
Mentoring students during their Erasmus internship.

Why Erasmus Internship in Slovenia?

Slovenia is a country located in the centre of Europe surrounded by the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pannonian Basin. Its convenient location allows all students staying in Slovenia to travel to a large number of countries such as Austria, Croatia, Hungary, or Italy without much effort.

Slovenia has been a member of the European Union since 2004 so there are no restrictions on travel between EU countries. It is a country with great potential for development that´s evolving considerably year after year. Slovenia has the euro system which makes things much easier for travellers. It is also a country that, despite its growth, has very low living costs which are considerably lower than those of other European countries. This helps students and trainees to feel much more comfortable in the country.

In addition to all this, a large part of the Slovenian population has a high level of English so it is an excellent opportunity to practice the language with people from Slovenia and people all over the world.

Castle in Ljubljana, Slovenia.