Erasmus+ mobility experience in SLOVENIA!

Erasmus+ mobility experience in Slovenia is unique as we have organized various successful traineeships and professional visits in the past years and with this reason we have created an extensive network of companies in Slovenia and educational institutions on the European level.



Slovenia lies in the middle of Europe and is surrounded by Alps, Mediterranean Sea and Pannonian Basin. It has a very good strategic position thanks to the main traffic routes that connect Eastern and Western along with the Southern and Northern Europe. Therefore, it lies in the perfect position to enable you to experience the different cultures during your stay as they are close by and easily reachable.

Slovenia is a member of the European Union since 2004, which means that there are no restrictions for travelling between members of the Union. It has one of the emerging and best developing economy in Europe. Being the part of the monetary Euro system also simplifies traveling to other membering countries. However, the cost of living is still substantially lower than in other countries in northern Europe (traditional destinations for training/learning English), which ensures a more economical stay during your Erasmus+ mobility experience in Slovenia.

"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

"Unique experiences create unforgettable memories."

Most of the population has a medium to high level of English. This is particularly interesting for people who have set the improvement of their English level as one of their goals. It is much easier to understand the language here than in English-speaking countries. It also facilitates language immersion and promotes the integration of those whose level of English is not high enough yet.

Skiing and mountain climbing is possible in the south of the country in the Alps, the east is more or less a flat land of Pannonian Basin, and then there is a coastline by the Adriatic Sea in the southwest part of the country, with enough capacity to welcome a large number of tourists and locals in the hot summer days. In the middle of the country lies the capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana, and its history goes back to the Roman times when the city was named Emona.



Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia with about 300,000 inhabitants and it is one of the most dynamic cities in this part of the Europe. It is a small but lively capital, with a young atmosphere of the university city and the main intellectual center of the country. It is a charming modern European capital where you can also discover the medieval architecture. A friendly and charming welcoming provided by local people and affordable cost of living will make it a unique Erasmus+ mobility experience in Slovenia at the help of our hands.



In the city of Maribor you can find the oldest vine in the world, which propels the city on the world map. Maribor is also well known for its yearly festival Lent, where there are concerts of world star musicians and the whole city »lights up« with countless events all over the town. It is the second biggest city in Slovenia with endless possibilities of sport activities. Pohorje is just 15 minutes from the city center – ski resort in winter time and a mountain bike and hiking paradise in other times of the year.



One of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Slovenia is Bled with its lake and island with church, which was rated by Lonely Planet as one of the 500 most beautiful places on Earth. Bled is located on the southern foot of the Karawanks mountain range near the border with Austria, about 50 km northwest of the state capital Ljubljana. Just a fraction away from Lake Bled the densely forested Pokljuka and Jelovica plateaus are located, the easternmost parts of the Julian Alps. The river Sava Bohinjka  leads up to the Bohinj basin, Lake Bohinj, and the Triglav massif.



Slovenia is the only country in Europe with coupons systems. This means that you can eat a nice student meal in certain restaurants in Ljubljana or in other cities in Slovenia for 2,5 EUR on average. The rest of the meal is subsidized by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. This is also one of the factors for your unique Erasmus+ mobility experience in Slovenia.



Travel sLOVEnia - the small country on the sunny side of the Alps

In one day you can see the diversity that Slovenia has to offer. From lowlands of Prekmurje on the northeast, you can hike the beautiful mountains on the north. Inside of the country you can search for the human fish in Postojna Cave or you visit the small island in the middle of the lake Bled. You can end your day by visiting the coastal cities of Piran and Izola and observe the sunsets of the Adriatic Sea.

Improve your English language in Slovenia!

We are an excellent destination to learn and improve the English skills since the majority of people speak the language fluently. English is also the main language in our partner organisations, which will significantly improve your English language skills.

Visit neighbouring countries

Slovenia is located in the heart of Europe. From the capital, Ljubljana, you need about an hour drive to all neighbouring countries – Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.



"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."



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