Student during his Erasmus Internship

Organize your Erasmus mobility in Slovenia

If you are interested in doing your Erasmus mobility in Slovenia, we can help you find everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Let us tell you all about our company and services.

About Us

SiMO Experience is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the mobility of international students and teachers in Slovenia, within the field of vocational education in the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

Our Erasmus mobilities for students, teachers, and other educational staff can be done in different public or private companies in Maribor, Ljubljana, or other Slovenian cities.

Our personalized services include:

  • Quality work placements provision,
  • Accommodation provision,
  • Tutoring and evaluation,
  • Airport transfers (on request),
  • Cultural programs (on request),
  • Language courses (on request).

We help students find the best workplaces that fit their profile. We also organize job shadowing and delegation visits to interesting Slovenian organizations. In addition, we offer training courses for teachers and educational staff, aiming to exchange knowledge and best practices with other colleagues.

Student doing his Erasmus mobility in Slovenia
Student doing his Erasmus mobility in Slovenia

Internship Placements

We provide the best possible working environment for each student. During their Erasmus+ mobility, we follow the work process with the company tutor and solve any problems that may arise.

We offer the best experience for our students through:

  • Finding a company suitable to the student’s profile,
  • Accompanying the student to his first meeting with the company,
  • Follow up the student with the mentor of the company,
  • Observing the follow-up of the student’s labor and cultural integration in Slovenia.

Job Shadowing

We carry out job shadowing mobilities in different educational organizations (primary schools, vocational schools, secondary schools, universities) and Slovenian companies.

These mobilities help the individual to improve and acquire new skills and give them the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Through these mobilities, the staff will be able to:

  • Acquire new skills and attitudes,
  • Improve their knowledge of English,
  • Have an intercultural experience that will help improve their teaching methods,
  • Share and develop best practices.

Delegation Visits

The main purpose of delegation visits is to get to know the Slovenian educational system, therefore they can take place in different educational organizations (primary schools, vocational schools, secondary schools, universities). The visits can also be carried out in other sectors, such as in national public organizations and in private organizations. 

The visits allow the exchange of knowledge and ideas in different companies, helping to expand the contact network.

Training Courses

The training courses are a combination of theoretical classes, seminars and visits to different organizations in order to exchange knowledge and ideas with other colleagues and teach educational staff the skills needed for a particular qualification.

Through our services, your educational institution will be provided with the best Erasmus+ experience, making the students and educational staff grow, live and explore during their Erasmus mobility in Slovenia.