Explore northeast Slovenia – Pomurje region

Murska Sobota – the door to Pomurje region

Whether you are in Maribor or in central Slovenia, Pomurje region is just a few moments away. Pomurje region is mostly a flat landscape with the exception of a few lonely hills and it is rich with thermal waters and medicinal waters, excellent cuisine and friendly locals. The Pannonian landscape was once covered by the Pannonian Sea which once covered areas of Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.

In this blog, we will take you on a journey to Murska Sobota and its main attraction the Sobota Lake. Sobota Lake is located in the heart of Pomurje region, just a few minutes from the centre of Murska Sobota.

Experience Pomurje information board

Once you get to the city with a bus or a train you can rent a bike named Soboški Bicklin which is similar to Bicikelj and Mbajk in Ljubljana and Maribor. It is a city bicycle system that allows you to rent a bike and use it for short trips around the city and the surrounding areas. You can find the bike stop just behind the main bus station in Murska Sobota. Once you have the bike, Sobota Lake is just a few minutes away.

Soboški biciklin
Expano Pavilion

Sobota Lake

Sobota Lake is an artificial lake that formed as a result of the excavation of gravel. It is a wild lake without any artificial farm water inflow which results in clear water suitable for bathing and fishing. But there is more to it than just the lake itself.

Sobota Lake
Picnic chalets

There are plenty of opportunities to spend time actively with family and friends. A special feature of the lake is the exercise park which includes 35 stations and several games for children including a playground just between the beach and Expano pavilion. In addition to the exercise park, there are 4 chalets with fireplaces for picnics or outdoor celebrations which can be rented by prior agreement. There is also Surf In Sup Klub Pomurje and Waterfun360 where it is possible to rent SUP boards, kayaks, small sailboats and boats and other water sports props. If you have the courage you can also try windsurfing if there is enough wind.

Water activities

Expano pavilion

The Expano Pavilion shape represents Slovenia’s geographical landscape – flat areas surrounded by beautiful mountains that end by the Adriatic Sea. With this pavilion, Slovenia presented itself at Expo Milano 2015 World Expo. The pavilion was later brought to the Sobota Lake.

The pavilion is used as a promotional centre called Expano together with the restaurant where you can taste typical Pomurje cousin. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset with a magnificent view over Sobota Lake on the open terrace. The pavilion has 2 main areas – the Pavilion’s public spaces and Interactive Adventure Park.

In the Interactive Adventure Park you have different areas of interest that include Panofilm, Panoscope, Neurospa, Magical clearing, Panofly and Panoart. You can find more information on their website Expano.si.

Conclusion: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Pomurje region is rich with exceptional cuisine, thermal spas and wild lakes which make for a perfect weekend gateway. It is a perfect gateway for students, families and friends who like to discover new things, experience the local culture and enjoy in nature relaxing or doing different activities.