Winter time in Slovenia

❄️ Winter is one of the best period for visiting SLOVENIA. Of course the weather is cold, but there are many things to do during this time! 😉

Christmas time in Ljubljana

🎅 Christmas time in Slovenia is always an event: all the streets of all the city center are decorated and illuminated. Especially in Ljubljana, you will find beautiful Christmas market where thousands people go every day and night. Go to one of these small Christmas chalet of the city and let’s drink a mulled wine! 🍷

Ice skating

❄️ In winter, a temporary ice rink is installed in Tivoli Park in Ljubljana. Young and old, families and friends, come together to share a few hours on the ice. Fun and giggles guaranteed! 😁

If the temperatures have been below freezing for several days in a row, you can also skate outdoors on the Koseški Bajer Pond, which you can reach by bike. 🚴‍ However, remember to bring your skates because there is no skate rental near the pond… ⛸️

Festive December in Maribor

Many concerts are organised every evening of December at the Leon Štukelj Square at Maribor. The place is famous for its hospitable, relaxed, open and cheerful people. Thousands people gather in the old city center to enjoy the entertainment of the best Slovenian musical performers! 🎵


🏔️ Hiking with Lamps is a traditional event on Christmas Eve. At the venue, the hikers are served tea, mulled wine and sweet delights.

The final destination is the Pekrska Gorca, the hikers ascend from Studenci, Radvanje, Limbuš and Pekre. 🌄


⛷️ In Slovenia there are five ski centers where you could have an unforgettable skiing experience and a ski party! The tracks are suitable for beginners as well as for skilled ski lovers.

Thermal baths

If you come to Slovenia, you must go to the thermal baths at least once! 😍


The thermal baths are a real Slovenian tradition, so you will find many thermal establishments around the country. Slovenian spas are immense spaces of well-being and you can bask in them for hours without getting bored. 😊


It is in winter that you will benefit most: you will relax in a thermal water at 38°C 👙 when it is -5°C outside, you will leave a sauna 🌡️ to throw yourself into the fresh snow ❄️ before plunging back into a bubbling pool of thermal water! 💦

Winter landscapes

🏔️ If you are not really sporty but still love nature, you can travel across the country in search of wonderful landscapes that Slovenia can offer during winter season. A good time to do photo shoots for your Instagram! 📸😉

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